Catherine Vannier

Catherine Vannier, Family Violence Resource Prosecutor

Catherine Vannier has been the Family Violence Resource Prosecutor for the Missouri Office of Prosecution Services (MOPS) since 2006. Vannier's program was created when she started and has expanded over the years to provide resource materials, support and training to prosecutors, law enforcement and allied professionals on the issues surrounding family and sexual violence prosecution. Prior to coming to MOPS, Vannier had accumulated eleven (11) years of experience prosecuting criminal cases. She exclusively handled family violence cases for six (6) years. She was instrumental in creating a specialized domestic violence unit in her jurisdiction. During her tenure as an line prosecutor, she learned the importance of coordinating the community's response to violence, sitting as a board member on the local family violence council, as well other police and community task forces and committees. She has given multiple trainings on the investigation and prosecution of family violence cases and continually adapts and improves her work to reflect current law and practices. As part of her presentations, she uses examples from her closed cases as well as other examples she has learned about from her trainings, travel, and experience in the field.