Witness Protection

Witness Protection Program:  Pursuant to Section 491.640, RSMO a prosecuting attorney, the attorney general, or a law enforcement agency may apply for funding to provide for the security of witnesses, potential witnesses and their immediate families in criminal proceedings instituted or investigations pending against a per-son alleged to have engaged in a violation of state law.  The Prosecutors Coordinators' Training Council is responsible for the Witness Protection Program.  The Executive Director administers the program.  Providing for witnesses may include provision of housing facilities and for the health, safety and welfare of such witnesses and their immediate families, if testimony by such a witness might subject the witness or a member of his immediate family to danger of bodily injury, and may continue so long as such danger exists. If a victim or witness is in fear for their safety they should contact their prosecutor’s office to inform the prosecutor of the situation. Costs that can be allowed through this program include: lodging, food, transportation costs, and moving expenses.