Erin Lueker

Erin Lueker - Child Abuse Resource Prosecutor

Erin Lueker joined the Missouri Office of Prosecution Services in March 2018.  As the Child Abuse Resource Prosecutor, she provides training to prosecutors, law enforcement, medical personnel, many others who are involved in the investigation and prosecution of crimes against children.  Upon appointment, she serves as special assistant prosecutor or special prosecutor throughout the state.  She is available to assist with legal research and complex litigation upon request.

Erin served as an assistant prosecutor in St. Charles County in the Special Victims Unit.  The unit specialized in the prosecution of crimes involving sexual assaults, domestic violence and child abuse.  Prior to working in that office, Erin worked as an assistant public defender in St. Louis County and in Lexington, Kentucky. She has taught in seminars which focus on investigation domestic violence cases, expert testimony in DNA cases, professional courses on testifying in court, and in discovery seminars regarding new case law updates. She graduated from Truman State University in 2007 with a B.S. in History and graduated from Washington University School of Law in 2012