Prosecutors Coordinators Training Council

The Prosecutors Coordinators Training Council governs the Missouri Office of Prosecution Services.  Council members include the officers of the Missouri Association of Prosecuting Attorneys (MAPA) in addtion to the attorney general's designee.  The president of MAPA serves as the chairman of the Council. The executive director is appointed by the Council.  The executive director is responsible for all other staff appointments.

Sexually Violent Predator Review Panel:  Under Section 632.483, the Council appoints a prosecutor's review panel to review referrals of sexually violent predators for further legal action.

Ethics Investigations:  Under Section 105.961, the Council submits a recomendation panel of five attorneys to server as special prosecutor for the court to select regarding investigations into violations of Missouri's ethics laws.

Witness Protection Program: Pursuant to Section 491.640, RSMo, the Council is responsible for the Witness Protection Program to provide for the security of witnesses, potential witnesses and their immediate families.  The Executive Director administers the program.


Amy Fite, Chairman
Christian County Prosecuting Attorney

Mark Richardson, Vice-Chair
Cole County Prosecuting Attorney

Annie Gibson
Daviess County Prosecuting Attorney

Tim Lohmar
St. Charles County Prosecuting Attorney

Kevin Hillman
Pulaski County Prosecuting Attorney

Darrell Moore
Deputy Attorney General for Criminal Litigation